KW Group is by registration and demand involved with the procurement and project management of locally manufactured process machinery and the marketing thereof, both locally and overseas.

The company was registered in 1990 and we are now celebrating 25 years. We are manufacturers of affordable bread packaging, slicing and closure systems.

KW Bread Packaging Systems is the only South African manufacturer of high-speed slicing machines, bagging machines and bag closure systems.

The Company's founder and sole proprietor, Klaus Wohlfarth is a German born, educated and trained engineer who immigrated to South Africa many years ago. His engineering background is from the high-precision printing industry and it is from this experience he has critically examined existing machines on the market and convinced himself and the baking industry that designing more precision packaging machinery is the desired route if extended machine life and reduced maintenance is to be obtained.

When, in 1995 KW Bread Packaging Systems offered their services to the baking industry it was on the maintenance, repair and overhauling of all makes of bread slicing and packaging equipment. The shortfalls of all makes of competitor equipment became evident to Klaus, as did the heavily priced imported spares.

Manufacturing such spares within South Africa was an obvious progression and before too long the demand for such spares was so great as to have established the company on a sound footing. The work carried out for Albany Bakeries was highly regarded; to such an extent that they approached the company to ask whether they were capable of maufacturing complete machines. The challenge was easy for a person with the engineering skills of Klaus Wohlfarth although the new learning circle has been the cause of many long hours and weekend work to upgrade designs and attempt to maintain manufacturing deadlines.

As more machines prove themselves in bakeries around South Africa and as word spreads as to the effectiveness of such machines, the opposition imports are feeling the pressure of what is hoped to be a total onslaught against the imported options.

Africlip is our newest addition to the KW Group. Africlip cc is a provider of the new generation Afrilock high speed bag Closure System which is proving to be a hit. A highly qualified team of service technicians ensure the downtime in packaging production is cut to an absolute minimum.

Local mass production has allowed Africlip cc the privilege of Certificate of Origin status for import duty exemptions for Southh African Development Community (SADC), neighbouring countries, thus the company is able to pass on a massive cost saving in bread packaging to Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Afrilock High Speed Bag Closure forms part of the slicing, bagging and closure systems from KW Bread Packaging Systems.

KW Mechanical Services

KW Mechanical Services is a division of the KW Group of companies whose sole function is servicing and maintainance to bakeries and their equipment needs, specializing in bread bagging and slicing equipment. We have a 24 hour, 7 day a week technical team on standby for any requirements. (For 24 hour assistance call: 082 449 1377).

The KW Group themeselves tries to create and provide employment opportunities for people in Southern Africa, such as office work, engeneering skills, maintenance, technicians and mass production labour. Over the years we have been able to provide jobs and have trained numerous employees.

Currently we are doing business with 16 countries world wide.

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